Deployed in:   March - June 2003
Location:   Lat. N27 12.201' , Lon. W80 02.310', within the Sirotkin permitted reef area
Depth:   93 feet
Profile:   24 feet
Materials:   Concrete railroad ties

Florida East Coast Railway’s replacement of thousands of old concrete railroad ties with new ones has provided an ideal and cost-free material for artificial reefs. One such example is MCARP’s Concrete Railroad Tie Stack Reef, located in the Sirotkin permitted reef area, an expanse that is intersected by two natural reefs located 6 and 8 miles offshore.

Located in this naturally abundant area where near-shore and deep-water fish come together, the Concrete RR Tie Stack Reef has rapidly become home to a flourishing benthic community of barnacles, algae, sea urchins and starfish. Schools of baitfish love the protection it offers, providing anglers with pinpoint fishing opportunities. The reef is also a sea turtle habitat, and True Red Snapper have been spotted at this location. The site is appropriate for intermediate divers.