Deployed in:   1971
Location:   Lat. N27 09.312' , Lon. W80 03.225', within the Sirotkin permitted reef area
Depth:   70 feet
Profile:   5 feet
Materials:   Steel Barge

The South Barge is so named because it is the southernmost corner of this triangle of barges. It sits off by itself approximately 760 feet from the North Barge and 500 feet from the Corner Barge.

As of the Monitoring event of 2004, the South Barge is probably in the worst shape of any of these three barges. It has broken in half and there is so much collapse and scattering it barely resembles a steel barge any more. In spite of the poor condition of the material, there is still quite an extensive amount of Benthic growth and a thriving ecosystem. During this monitoring dive, there were dozens of Spanish Dancers “Aplysia morio” that were either swimming around or participating in a “Mating Chain”. Pictures were taken of this and also of what appear to be Egg Clusters.